UK National Parks and Wellbeing Forum

The UK National Parks and Wellbeing Forum is a network of practitioners, managers, planners and researchers involved with promoting the value of the environment and nature conservation for human health and wellbeing.

Its unique role and goal is to encourage integrated thinking, raise awareness, stimulate research, influence policy, improve the understanding of national parks’ systems and push their health enhancing value up the social and political agenda.

Members of the Forum come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from health professions, practical ecologists, academics, journalists, the voluntary sector, NGOs, local authorities, government agencies, private consultancies, and all those primarily concerned with integrating the wildlife and environment conservation role of parks with their positive impacts on human wellbeing.
We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained on these Web pages is accurate at the time of writing and is regularly updated. However, the NP&W Forum does not endorse or accept any responsibility for information, advertising, products or materials made available through other websites to which this site links. We strongly advise users to check any information before acting or relying on it.
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